Urban Capacity Studies for Tamworth and Moree

Prepared urban capability studies for residential properties owned by Housing NSW (Resitech) in Tamworth and Moree. The objective was to:

  • identify all constraints and opportunities for each property in terms of geological, bushfire, flora, heritage, topography, soils, drainage, infrastructure and any other issues which could impact on the planning and development of the sites;
  • identify all development controls;
  • identify strategic issues;
  • propose future land use controls; and
  • identify the best development option for the sites.

 Identified all opportunities and constraints, development controls and strategic issues which impacted on site planning and development. Identified the development potential under different development scenarios and recommended the best option to the client to maximise the redevelopment potential of the land. The project was completed within the required time and budget constraints and to the satisfaction of the client.


Public Housing Estate

Worked with Land and Housing Corporation to review the developable capacity and development controls for a public housing estate in Sydney . The development controls were reviewed to ensure that future development will be feasible.